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Our Work

The Evaluation Unit is an integrated part of Learning in Health Care Contexts (LHCC).

The Evaluation Unit conduct process and outcome evaluations in education, clinical contexts, research and more. All of our evaluation projects rely on state of the art research and have a strong scientific foundation, both regarding the field of the evaluation and the evaluation methods used. At the Evaluation Unit we develop systems, methods and tools for evaluation with the aim to contribute to, and strengthen the field of evaluation. Current projects include: evaluation of new tools in clinical consultations, development of alumni survey for PhD graduates, evaluation of research conferences, evaluation of strategic research collaboration between institutions, and design and implementation of quality improvement system for undergraduate education.

We are thrilled by the opportunity to collaborate with you, either by supporting an existing process or by building and conducting an entire evaluation project. This can involve: establishing objectives, planning the process, identifying or developing the most suitable methods and instruments, pilot testing, collecting data, analysing and reporting the findings. We are also interested in collaborations regarding the implementation of evaluation findings in your organisation or project. For us, every project is unique, and all evaluations are conducted in close collaboration with the stakeholder. We also offer short consultations where we give advice on your evaluation, design, process and analysis.

In our team we have specialists in a wide range of methods such as questionnaire design, psychometrics, interview technique, and ethnography. Many of us have PhD’s and research qualifications. Our team have backgrounds in diverse health professions, education and psychology.

For further information, please look at our list of ongoing projects and our personal profile pages. We look forward to hearing from you. 





Senior researcher

Terese Stenfors

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 837 37
Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: Terese.Stenfors@ki.se

Project Managers

Project manager

Anna Bonnevier

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 864 54
Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: Anna.Bonnevier@ki.se

Project manager

Aleksandra Sjöström-Bujacz

Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: aleksandra.bujacz@ki.se

Graduate Student

Linda Sturesson

E-mail: linda.sturesson@ki.se

Project coordinator

Louise Bergman

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 79
Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: louise.bergman@ki.se

Project manager

Per Palmgren

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 94
Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: per.palmgren@ki.se

Project manager

Teresa Sörö

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 843 04
Organizational unit: Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH), H7
E-mail: teresa.soro@ki.se

Project assistant

Zoe Säflund

Organizational unit: Learning in Health Care Contexts
E-mail: zoe.saflund@ki.se


Educational administrator

Eva MacDonald

Organizational unit: Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care
E-mail: eva.macdonald@ki.se