About CLK

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Vision and Objectives

CLK shall, through the support, development and research links, form KI’s strategic instrument for pedagogical innovation and excellence in education.

CLK's goals are to:

  • Build a critical mass of good teaching skills within the organization
  • Contribute to educational development and quality of programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels at KI
  • Develop, make available and disseminate knowledge on what proved to best promote learning for students, graduate students, and faculty/staff

CLK Steering Committee

Professor/district medical officer

Gunnar Nilsson

Phone: 08-524 887 62
Organizational unit: Division of Family medicine
E-mail: Gunnar.Nilsson@ki.se

Head of department

Mats Brommels

Phone: 08-524 869 30
Organizational unit: Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), C7
E-mail: Mats.Brommels@ki.se

student representatives from MF and OF


Professor/senior dentist

Anders Gustafsson

Phone: 08-524 883 31
Organizational unit: Division 3, Periodontology, Dental Hygienist Training
E-mail: anders.gustafsson@ki.se



Maya Petren

Phone: 08-524 867 44
Organizational unit: Faculty Office and International Relations
E-mail: Maya.Petren@ki.se

CLK Management

Chair of management team:

Senior researcher

Tanja Tomson

Phone: 08-524 801 73
Organizational unit: Tobacco, Policy, Practice & Prevention (TPPP)
E-mail: tanja.tomson@ki.se


Deputy head of office

Malin Essén

Phone: 08-524 840 30
Organizational unit: Research Associated Services
E-mail: Malin.Essen@ki.se


Senior researcher

Jonas Nordquist

E-mail: Jonas.Nordquist@ki.se

Senior researcher

Terese Stenfors-Hayes

Phone: 08-524 837 37
Organizational unit: Evaluation Unit (EVAL)
E-mail: Terese.Stenfors-Hayes@ki.se

Centre administrator

HR administrator

Helena Ourir

Phone: 08-524 865 35
Organizational unit: LIME administration
E-mail: helena.ourir@ki.se