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Pathology is the study of diseases at the levels of organs, tissues, cells and molecules.

Pathology integrates subjects such as anatomy, histology, physiology, immunology and cell-and molecular biology to understand causes and mechanisms for development and progression of various disease conditions. The subject is subsequently cross-boundary in its character, and uses established and modern methods in approaching problems in the areas of cancer, inflammatory and immunological conditions as well as certain degenerative diseases. Research in pathology is closely linked to the clinical diagnostic services in clinical pathology and cytology, which are part of laboratory medicine. The clinical samples are extensively used for research purposes, and an increasing number of samples are stored in biobanks for future analyses. Teaching in pathology is provided both at the basic and advanced undergraduate levels, and occupies a central position in education to physicians and dentists. Pathology is also taught for students in biomedicine, nursing and biomedical laboratory science. Besides being an important subject in research education for graduate students, competence in pathology is often requested in clinical research studies, making academic and clinical pathologists a suitable collaborative partner.

Research groups

Göran Andersson research group

Mikael Björnstedt research group

Joakim Dillner research group

Katalin Dobra research group

Birgitta Sander & Birger Christensson's research group

Jaakko Patrakka's research group



Göran Andersson

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 810 31
Organizational unit: Division of Pathology
E-mail: Goran.Andersson@ki.se

Department administrator

Mia Bjerke

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 878 78
Organizational unit: Division of Pathology
E-mail: Mia.Bjerke@ki.se

Educational administrator

Pia Laselle

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 845 11
Organizational unit: Division of Pathology
E-mail: pia.laselle@ki.se

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Department for Laboratory Medicine
Division of Pathology, F56, floor 5
Karolinska University hospital Huddinge
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Sulaf Abd OwnÖverläkare
Suyesh AmatyaSystem developer
Helena AnderssonResearch administrator
Lars AnderssonResearch coordinator
Göran AnderssonHead of office, Professor
Sara Arroyo MührPhD student
Hanna ArtemchukPhD student
Piotr BalaAssociated
Mia BjerkeDepartment administrator
Mikael BjörnstedtProfessor/senior physician
Ola BrodinAssociated
Zurab BzhalavaPhD student
Emmanuelle CharrinPostdoc
Raghuraman Chittoor SrinivasanPhD student
Birger ChristenssonAssociated
Dina DabaghieR&D trainee
Niu DadiLaboratory technician
Olof DanielssonAssociated
Joakim DillnerProfessor, Professor/clinical chemist
Katalin DobraSenior lecturer/senior physician
Lwaki EbarasiAssistant professor
Barbro Ek-RylanderSenior researcher
Carina EklundLaboratory coordinator
Miriam ElfströmPostdoc
Helena FaustPostdoc
Carlos Fernández MoroGraduate Student
Roberto GramignoliAssistant professor, Postdoc
Christina HammarstedtBiomedical scientist
Ghazal Heidari HamedaniAssociated
Lena HernbergAssociated
Eva HerweijerPostdoc
Anders HjerpeAssociated, Professor emeritus
Maria HortlundSystem developer
Xiang HuaAssociated
Emilie HultinResearch coordinator
Joman JavadiPhD student
Rim JawadGraduate Student
Kristina KannistoAssociated
Anne KeränenGraduate Student
Monika KlimkowskaÖverläkare
Ashish Kumar SinghPhD student
Camilla LaghedenBiomedical scientist
Pia LaselleEducational administrator
Matti LehtinenVisiting professor
Martin LordPhD student
Pernilla LångAssistant professor, Lecturer
Ilari MaaralaAssociated
Marcus MalmquistPraktikant
Sumitra ManandharAssociated
Ghaly MelaniaAdjunct lecturer
Magali MerrienGraduate Student
Laia Mira PascualPhD student
Sougat MisraAssistant professor
Berit MjörnheimEducation officer
Gareth MorganLecturer
Katja Möller-HackbarthPostdoc
Inger NennesmoAssociated
Sara Nordqvist KleppeDatabase coordinator
Annica Nordvall-BodellLecturer
Maria NorgårdLaboratory technician
Ingrid NormanAssociated
Lina NygrenGraduate Student
Tuomas NäreojaPostdoc
Anders OldforsProfessor/senior physician
Christina PatlakaPhD student
Jaakko PatrakkaSenior researcher
Nasrin PerskvistResearch coordinator
Anja ReithmeierPhD student
Patricia RodriguezPhD student
Anders RosendahlGraduate Student, Education officer
Ulla RudsanderProject Manager
Birgitta SanderProfessor/senior physician
Angelina SchwarzPhD student
Arun SelvamPhD student
Kerstin SilfverbergLecturer, adjunct
Meeli SirotkinaGraduate Student
Vitaly SmelovAssociated
Stephen StromProfessor/clinical chemist
Karin SundströmProject coordinator
Tunde SzatmariAssociated
Laszlo SzekelyAssociated
Caroline VerbekeAssociated
Agata WasikPostdoc
Sara WindahlSenior researcher
Tingting WuLaboratory technician
Mihaela ZabulicaPhD student
Sonia Zambrano SevillaPostdoc
Antje ZicklerAssociated