Division of Clinical Microbiology

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At the department of Clinical Microbiology, disease processes in cells and tissues caused by microbes infecting humans are studied.

The research is translational with focus on problems identified in clinical care and on the development of improved diagnostics and therapeutic approaches. The research spans from molecular virology, virus-cell interactions and the understanding of individual viral genes and proteins, to the effects these have on the infected patient. Within bacteriology, the effects of antibiotics on the gut microbiota are studied as well as the interaction between bacteria and protozoes. Medical and dental students are educated in basal and clinical microbiology. In addition, courses in general and molecular microbiology are given for students in biomedical laboratory science, nursing, and dental hygienists as well as in molecular cell biology.

Research groups

Anna Karlsson Research group

Annika Karlsson Research group

Anders Sönnerborg Research group

Andrej Weintraub/Carl Erik Nord Research group

Research group - Christian Giske

Research group of studies in interaction between pro and eukaryotic cells

Research group Bergman/Agerberth - The AMP-group

The viral hepatitis research group


Professor/senior physician

Anders Sönnerborg

Organizational unit: Unit for Infection and Dermatology
E-mail: Anders.Sonnerborg@ki.se


Marita Wallenberg Lundgren

Phone: 08-524 836 56
Organizational unit: Division of Clinical Microbiology
E-mail: Marita.Wallenberg-Lundgren@ki.se

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Alfred Nobels Allé 8, floor 7
141 86 Huddinge 


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Agnes Böhlin WienerAssociated
Agneta SamuelsonAssociated
Aina IversenAssociated
Alexandros PetropoulosAssociated
Ali MirazimiAssociated, Adjunct professor
Amare Worku KaluResearch assistant on study grant
Amir SaeedAssistant professor
Anders SönnerborgProfessor/senior physician
Anders VahlneAssociated
Andreas MatussekAssociated
Andrej WeintraubProfessor/senior clinical chemist
Anna EideforsAssociated
Anna KarlssonProfessor/specialist physician
Anna-Lena SpetzAssociated
Anni-Maria Örmälä-OdegripAssociated
Annika KarlssonSenior researcher
Anton LutckiiAssociated, Research assistant
Babilonia BarqashoPostdoc
Baharak SaeediAssociated
Bala Siddaiah AnangiAssociated
Birgitta AgerberthProfessor, senior
Birgitta LeskoGraduate Student
Carl Erik NordProfessor, senior
Catharina HultgrenResearch coordinator
Catharina MissailidisGraduate Student
Charlotta NilssonAssociated
Christian G. GiskeSenior lecturer/senior physician
Claire KeaneAssociated
Cristina OpricaAssociated
Duncan NjendaPhD student
Edna ViegasGraduate Student
Ellinor ThidholmAssociated
Emma LindbäckAssociated
Emmi AnderssonGraduate Student
Erja ChryssanthouAssociated
Eva Lena EricsonAssociated
Eva SillerströmLecturer
Frank MsafiriGraduate Student
Gunnar SandströmProfessor/biomedical analyst
Göran KronvallAssociated
Gülay GüleryüzBiomedical scientist
Harpa KaradottirR&D trainee
Hissa Al FarsiPhD student
Hong FangAssociated
Ilona Lewensohn-FuchsAssociated
Inga FrödingPhD student
Jan VesterbackaAssociated
Jenny SvärdAssociated
Jonas SöderholmAssociated
Kajsa NoyanPhD student
Kamlendra SinghAssociated
Karin LiderotAssociated
Karolina HedmanAssociated
Kirsti Jalakas PörnullAssociated
Lars FrelinSenior researcher
Lena KlingsporSenior researcher
Linda Björkhem-BergmanSenior researcher
Lydia ScharfResearch assistant on study grant
Maarten CoorensAssociated
Mamun RashidAssociated
Maria Helde FranklingGraduate Student
Marit Bjon-HolmAssociated
Marita Wallenberg LundgrenSecretary
Marjan AmiriLaboratory coordinator
Markus KrantzAssociated
Matti SällbergProfessor, Professor/biomedical analyst
Mirja HäggAssociated
Monica LindhResearch coordinator
Monica SörenssonAssociated
Muhammad Humaun KabirPhD student
Måns UllbergAssociated
Neetu JagyaAssociated
Nelson Rosário Nhantumbo TembeGraduate Student
Nigus Fikrie TeleleResearch assistant on study grant
Osman AltunGraduate Student
Owe KällmanAssociated
Panagiota MaraveliaResearch assistant
Peter BergmanSenior lecturer/clinical
Peter GyarmatiAssociated
Peter WilhelmssonAssociated
Petra EdquistAssociated
Petra LüthjeAssociated
Pia AnderssonAdjungerad klinisk adjunkt
Pornanan KueakhaiAssociated
Qian ZhaoR&D trainee
Rokeya Sultana RekhaPhD student
Salah ZangenahPhD student
Shaman MuradrasoliAssociated
Shambhu Prasad Ganeshappa AralaguppeGraduate Student
Shuba KrishnanPhD student
Silvia Botero KleivenAssociated
Sofia NyPhD student
Sofia PerssonAssociated
Sophie CurboSenior researcher
Stina BorängAssociated
Susanna Falklind JerkérusAssociated
Thomas ÅkerlundAssociated
Ujjwal NeogiAssistant professor
Uraiwan IntamasoAssociated
Valerie PlajerAssociated
Volkan ÖzenciAssociated
Wang ZhangAssociated
Xiaoshan ZhouAssociated
Zhibing YunAssociated
Öjar MeleforsAssociated