Behavioural phenotyping

Behavioural phenotyping is performed at Karolinska Institutet Mouse Models according to the IMPC pipeline. 

Behavioural phenotyping - tests:  

Full IMPC pipeline (link to Impress website)

Other tests, separate or in combinations:

Motor control and coordination

  • Rotarod – motor coordination, motor learning and balance

Activity, anxiety, exploratory, attentional

  • Elevated Plus Maze – anxiety test
  • Light/Dark – anxiety test
  • Open Field – anxiety and exploratory behavior
  • Hole board – exploratory and attentional behavior                        

Learning and memory

  • Morris water maze – spatial learning and memory
  • Barnes maze – spatial learning and memory
  • Novel Object Recognition – object memory test
  • Fear Conditioning – cued and contextual – aversive learning and memory (coming soon) 
  • Passive avoidance - aversive learning (coming soon) 

Sociability / social interaction 

  • Three-chambered social approach task 

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