Undergraduate education

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Besides the education programmes described here, the Department also arranges doctoral courses, and so-called freestanding courses.

Medical programme

At the undergraduate medical programme, the courses paediatrics and obstetrics & gynaecology (Reproduction and Development) are since the 80s and 90s in English one semester each study year to enable Erasmus students to take these courses at Karolinska Institutet. 


Aida Wahlgren, course responsible in paediatrics

Susanne Evang, administrator

Sonia Andersson, course responsible in obstetrics & gynaecology

Kajsa Beminge, administrator

Midwifery programme

The Department has for many years been responsible for the training of midwifery students at KI. The theoretical training takes place at Campus Solna, KI. The practical training includes gynecological care as well as antenatal-, labour-, delivery and postnatal care.


Mia Barimani, program director

Barbro Hedman, administrator

Charlotte Ovesen, administrator

Specialist nurse programme

Since a couple of years, the department is also responsible for a two-year advanced level education for specialist nurses in different paediatric discipllines. The programme is only in Swedish.


Nina Andersson, course responsible

Ana-Maria Seguel, administrator

Kajsa Beminge, administrator