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New findings on brain development in premature children

19 Sep 2016

The results of a new study from Karolinska Institutet, published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, suggest that the brain of preterm children with growth retardation can have underdeveloped functional networks. The purpose of the present study was to see if restricted growth in preterm babies is...

New brainstem model reveals how brains control breathing

16 Jul 2016

Scientists from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, have discovered how the brain controls our breathing in response to changing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood. “Our findings go some way to explaining how and why our breathing responses to imbalanced oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are...

Brain differences in premature babies who later develop autism

21 Dec 2015

Extremely premature babies run a much higher risk of developing autism in later childhood, and even during the neonate period differences are seen in the brains of those who do. This according to a new study by researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. The...

People with autism run a higher risk of premature death

11 Nov 2015

A registry study conducted at Karolinska Institutet and published in The British Journal of Psychiatry shows that the risk of premature death is about 2.5 times higher for people with autism spectrum disorder than for the rest of the population. Read more here