Unit of Cardiovascular Epidemiology

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The aim of our research is to investigate mechanisms, find biomarkers and study risk factors that are involved in the pathogenesis of various inflammatory diseases.

We perform cohort-, case-control-, and intervention studies. The risk factors of interest is for example genes, biological/clinical markers and environmental/lifestyle factors. The material we use is questionnaires and/or blood for genetic and biological analyses. Large biobanks with stored frozen blood is used for these purposes. Statistical programs with different models are used to analyze associations and interactions between factors of interest.

Part of our unit also performs statistical analysis on behalf of various governmental agencies.

Head of Unit


Lars Alfredsson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 874 88
Organizational unit: Cardiovascular epidemiology
E-mail: Lars.Alfredsson@ki.se


Research groups


Unit members

Lars AlfredssonProfessor
Edvin Ambrus Associated
Martin AskerGraduate Student
Camilla BengtssonSenior researcher
Anita BerglundLecturer
Tony BohmanAssociated
Boel BrynedalAssistant professor
Maria BäärnhielmAssociated
German Dario Carrasquilla PhD student
Ulf De FaireProfessor, senior
Hanne EhrlinderAssociated
Edit EkströmResearch assistant
Martin Eriksson Associated
Ashwini GajulapuriAssociated
Bruna GiganteSenior lecturer, Chief physician
Zahra GolabkeshPhD student
Anna HedströmPostdoc
Andrea Hemming Associated
Miguel HernanVisiting professor
Lena HolmSenior Lecturer
Anna IlarPhD student
Xia JiangPostdoc
Eva JohanssonResearch nurse
Federica LaguzziPostdoc
Erik LandfeldtAssociated
Karin LeanderSenior researcher
Stina LiljePostdoc
Anette LinnersjöAssociated
Victor Lyberg Associated
Buamina MaitusongPostdoc
Mohammad MohammadiAssociated
Lena NiseResearch assistant
Sille Nyborg Associated
Cecilia OrellanaPhD student
Lina PalmlöfAssociated
Ida PalmqvistProject assistant
Anna PetersonResearch assistant
Oscar Javier Pico EspinosaPhD student
Hedley QuintanaAssociated
Martin Samuelsson Associated
Maria SchelinAssociated
Eva E. SkillgateSenior researcher
Ulrika Tranaeus FitzgeraldPostdoc
Max VikströmStatistician
Göran WalldiusProfessor, senior
Nathan WeissAssociated
Helga WesterlindPostdoc
Niyaz YoosufPostdoc
Pingling ZengPhD student
Caroline Öfverberg CollianderProject coordinator