Teaching as part of doctoral studies

The departmental policy is that during the time spent at the department, the doctoral student should attain good general knowledge in physiology and/or pharmacology and develop his/her communication skills, all of which are important for future scientific activities.

It has unanimously been decided that a practical and satisfactory way of reaching these learning goals is to act as teacher/tutor for undergraduate students. Based on experience, a total of 160 h undergraduate teaching is considered sufficient.

Please see the outline for how doctoral students can teach at FyFa: 

Outline - teaching undergraduate students as part of doctoral studies at FyFa (Pdf)

Undergraduate courses offered at FyFa

There are two different kinds of courses offered at the department: a) courses that form part of a study programme and b) freestanding courses.

Undergraduate education at FyFa

Contact person for teaching (pharmacology)

Director of undergraduate education in pharmacology

Senior lecturer

Inger Johansson

Phone: 08-524 877 54
Organizational unit: Ingelman-Sundberg Magnus group - Pharmacogenetics
E-mail: Inger.Johansson@ki.se

Contact person for teaching (physiology) 

Director of undergraduate education in physiology


Mats Rundgren

E-mail: Mats.Rundgren@ki.se