Research group leaders A-Z at FyFa

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Group leader A-E Research group
Igor Adameyko Developmental biology and regenerative medicine
Michael Andäng Biophysics of stem cell and tissue growth
Anders Arner Genetic physiology
Isabel Barragan Pharmacoepigenetics
Ernst Brodin Pharmacological pain research 
Barbara Canlon Experimental audiology
Mattias Carlström Renal and cardiovascular research 
Andrei Chagin Bone and cartilage physiology
Karima Chergui Molecular neurophysiology
Göran Engberg Electrophysiological neuropharmacology
Sophie Erhardt Neuropsychoimmunology
Lars I Eriksson Anesthetic neuropharmacology and physiology


Group leader F-Q Research group
Bertil Fredholm Adenosine research
Stefano Gastaldello Small Ubiquitin Modifier (SUMO) signaling and muscle biology
Lars E Gustafsson Nitric oxide research
Jan Henriksson Exercise physiology
Kent Jardemark Translational Pharmacology
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg Pharmacogenetics
Lars Karlsson Environmental physiology
Jan Kehr Pharmacological neurochemistry
Anna Krook, joint leadership Integrative physiology
Johanna Lanner Calcium signaling and molecular muscle physiology
Lars Larsson Basic and clinical muscle biology
Lennart Lindbom Microvascular physiology
Peter Lindholm Baromedicine and human physiology
Jon Lundberg Pharmacological nitric oxide research
Erik Norberg Cellular metabolism
Helin Norberg Protein degradation pathways
Anders Oldner Trauma and sepsis, epidemiology and pathophysiology


Group leader P-Z Research group
Jorge Ruas Molecular and cellular exercise physiology
Bo Rydqvist Mechanoreceptor physiology
Gunnar Schulte  Receptor biology and signaling
Elisabet Stener-Victorin Reproductive endocrinology and metabolism
Carl Johan Sundberg Molecular exercise physiology
Camilla I Svensson Molecular pain research 
Torgny Svensson Neuropsychopharmacology
Per Tesch  Muscle and exercise physiology laboratory
Eddie Weitzberg Nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway in health and disease
Håkan Westerblad Muscle physiology
Theresa Vincent Molecular cancer and stem cell therapeutics
Zsuzsanna Wiesenfeld-Hallin Integrative pain research 
Juleen Zierath, joint leadership Integrative physiology