Professors A-Z

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Professors of physiology

Name A-Z Research group
Anders Arner Genetic physiology
Barbara Canlon Experimental audiology
Lars E Gustafsson Nitric oxide research
Jan Henriksson Exercise physiology
Anna Krook Integrative physiology
Lars Larsson Basal and clinical muscle physiology
Lennart Lindbom Microvascular physiology
Dag Linnarsson Environmental physiology
Bo Rydqvist Mechanoreceptor physiology
Carl Johan Sundberg Molecular exercise physiology
Harriet Wallberg Integrative physiology
Håkan Westerblad Muscle physiology
Zsuzsanna Wiesenfeld-Hallin Integrative pain research
Juleen Zierath Integrative physiology

Professors of pharmacology

Name A-Z Research group
Ernst Brodin Pharmacological pain research
Göran Engberg Electrophysiological neuropharmacology
Sophie Erhardt


Bertil Fredholm Adenosine research
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg Pharmacogenetics
Jon Lundberg Pharmacological nitric oxide research
Leif Olgart Pharmacological pain research
Torgny Svensson Neuropsychopharmacology

Professors of anesthesiology

Name A-Z Research group
Lars I Eriksson

Anesthetic neuropharmacology and physiology

Sten Lindahl  
Per-Arne Lönnqvist Pediatric anesthesiology Stockholm
Claes-Roland Martling

Karolinska Intensive Care Nephrology Group (KING)

Anders Oldner Trauma and sepsis, epidemiology and pathophysiology
Eddie Weitzberg Nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway in health and disease