Summer Courses Abroad

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Below you will find presentations of summer courses, arranged by our partner universities and other organisations that Karolinska Institutet has some kind of connection to. The courses are mainly within medicine and health issues, but also within other areas such as languages, social sciences and technology. You will have a fun and interesting summer!

Please note that these are courses that are NOT included in the ordinary exchange programme through Karolinska Institutet. Most of the courses will therefore cost money. For more information, please contact the university/organisation directly.


The Chinese University Hong Kong arranges a summer research school for 8-10 weeks this summer. Apply before 15 February.

CUHK Summer Undergraduate Research Programme, Hong Kong

If you are interested in Research, you can apply for the summer scholarship programme in Japan. JSPS Summer Programme offers travel, scholarship, insurance, etc. for successful Master's and PhD students. Deadline normally opens in December, final date to apply is 9 February.

JSPS Summer Programme, Japan

In 2 weeks, travel through 3 countries, across 8000 km, together with 51 other students, solving 1 challenge. Apply for the ASEF summer course before 5 April.

ASEF summer course through China, Mongolia and Russia


The Amgen Scholars Program provides hundreds of undergraduate students in Biomedicine with the opportunity to engage in a hands-on summer research experience at some of the world's leading institutions. Final date to apply for the programme in Europe is 1 February (the US program is open for US citizens).

Amgen Scholars Program, Europe


The Vienna Biocenter Summer School provides a unique opportunity for 20 undergraduate students to work side by side with leading researchers in a dynamic scientific environment. Our program aims to attract talented students from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. It is the perfect preparation for those students who are interested in graduate study in the life sciences arena. Applicants who are successful are provided with accommodation, a travel allowance and a grant for the duration of the Scholarship. Final date to apply 31 January.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School, Austria


Aarhus University arranges summer courses in English; "Global Health" and "Clinical Global Infectious Diseases" in July - August 2016. If you as a KI-student are interested in participating, contact your international student coordinator who will nominate you to Aarhus' summer courses. You do not have to pay any course fees, but travel, accommodation etc. is your own responsibility.

Summer University, Aarhus University, Denmark

Each year in August, the Copenhagen School of Global Health offers two popular summer schools for students and professionals with an interest in global health and development issues: 'Global Health Challenges' and 'International Health' (former 'Tropical Medicine and Hygiene').

Global Health Challenges and International Health in Copenhagen, Denmark


Université Paris Diderot arranges a three-week long French language course. In addition to the actual language course, study visits in Paris and its surroundings are included as well as lunch during weekdays and accommodation. Apply before 1 May.

Université Paris Diderot, France


The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research of the University Hospital of Jena invites young scientists from all over the world to participate in the Summer School of Molecular Medicine. The Summer School will provide an excellent opportunity to get familiar with research topics of molecular medicine and modern laboratory techniques. The school is free of charge, and you will receive a scholarship for accommodation and travel.

Summer School of Molecular Medicine, Jena, Germany

The Netherlands

Summercourses for (bio)medicine students, within Biobanking, Global Health and Transplantation Medicine are given in Groningen.

Medical Sciences Summer School Groningen, The Netherlands

The Erasmus Summer Programme focuses on key principles and methods of quantitative medical research. Open to students and health professionals, it provides essential updates in a range of applied medical and healthcare disciplines. Each course is designed to fully satisfy the needs of international students with a specific interest such as clinical medicine, general practice, public health, epidemiology, genetics or biostatistics.

Erasmus Summer Programme, WHO, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Summer courses within "Life Sciences", i.e. Global Health, Epidemiology, Toxicology and Infectious Diseases are given at Utrecht Summer School.

Utrecht Summer School, The Netherlands

United Kingdom

Spend your summer in classic Cambridge! Courses are given within History, Literature, and Shakespeare. Also, there are possibilities of applying to 'English for Academic Purposes' and 'IELTS Preparation Course'.

University of Cambridge International Summer Schools, United Kingdom

University of Kent is offering a summer course in Biotechnology in July. The course is open for students in Biomedicine. Scholarships can be applied for through the University of Kent. Apply before 1 April.

University of Kent, United Kingdom

South America

Anyone participating in a 4-week Internships, Volunteering and Medical Observerships programmes in Argentina during the following months is eligible to apply for an award: August, September, October, November and December 2016. Please read all the information about the program before submitting an application at . Scholarship awards will be in the amount of USD 500 to USD 1,000. Scholarship awards will be in the amount of USD 150 to USD 250 for any accommodation options in homestay.  Application cycle closed on March 31, 2016.