Saket Milind Nigam

Position: PhD student in Neuroscience (Neuro).

Saket finds the attraction of Karolinska Institutet comes from the international environment it provides.

That people from all corners of the globe – regardless of their inherent differences – can be assembled successfully. Together, they create a powerful tertiary culture capable of exploring the biological world from a variety of unique perspectives…like if Captain Planet also had a PhD.”

His research is on Alzheimer’s Diseases, specifically looking at amyloid precursor protein processing. Besides the international reputation that Karolinska Institutet carries, Saket was interested in returning to the city where he was born. He also heard that free coffee and snacks happen often, between lectures and basically at all times of the day so he wanted to experience that!

In 2010, I moved back to Sweden after a 14-year hiatus. The change of scenery and the relationships that I have built since beginning work at KI has affected me in both positive and negative ways. On the up-side, I have gotten to travel, assimilate various cultures and find the things that truly drive me in life. On the down-side, I have to wake up at 4am to watch my favourite sports teams play.”

Saket is excited to blog for KI, adding that he hopes to use this blog

as a vehicle to share my adventures with the world. Hopefully my experiences will resonate with somebody out there…”

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