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Programme study counsellors can help you navigate the rules and requirements of your programme as well as counsel you on issues related to student life. Communication with them is confidential.

The programme study counsellor can guide you concerning:

  • Eligibility for advancing onto a higher term
  • Dispensation
  • Interruption of studies
  • Resumption of studies
  • Planning your future studies
  • Study techniques
  • Student social issues.


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Shona McLean


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Telefon: 08-524 852 96
Enhet: Programkansliet

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Karolinska Institutet's study counsellors are bound by a pledge of confidentiality in accordance with chapter 7, section 9 of the Secrecy Act, and will on no condition disclose information about a student's personal circumstances to a third party without the student's explicit consent.

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