Online review of CV, LinkedIn profile or cover letter

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Get feedback on your CV, LinkedIn profile or your cover letter with practical advice on what you can improve.

Career Service in cooperation with Cruited offer you as a student, graduate student or researcher at Karolinska Institutet the possibility to receive one review free of charge. You get both a quantitative assessment of a points-based review and a qualitative part with personal advice. The reviews are done online by Cruited's job experts and they give advice for job hunting in Sweden.

This opportunity is limited to 100 reviews, so if you want to be one of these you need to with your ki-email address and we will convey the code and link you need to register your document for review by the experts at Cruited . The code must be used before 31 December 2017. If you have a code from one of our previous campaigns this year make sure to use it before December 31 as all codes will be invalid after this date.

REGISTERATION CLOSED - limited number reached

Since the number of reviews is limited, it is first come first served. If the interest is high, we will look into the possibility of offering online reviws again in the future.


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