The Karolinska Institutet MOOC Lab’s mission is to stimulate and fund MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), NOOCs (National Open Online Courses) and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses), in partnership with edX, in order to improve education, stimulate research in digital education, and make KI’s brand and high quality materials available throughout the world. Research results on pedagogically sound and effective practices for online education are then incorporated into both online and on campus education at KI.


  • Expand access to education for everyone
  • Enhance the student and faculty experience at KI
  • Advance teaching and learning through research


The MOOC Lab is a critical link between theory and practice, through its partnership with faculty, the Centre for Learning and Knowledge (CLK) and the medical education research groups at KI.

Strand of Activities

  • Production of online courses
  • Facilitation of Scholarly Research on digital education
  • Development of Educational Innovations
  • Impact on education at KI
  • Digital literacy capacity building