Mentorship program Lin-KI

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Inspiring high school students to science at Karolinska Institutet.

What is Lin-KI?

Lin-KI is a mentorship program with the aim to inspire high school students to science at Karolinska Institutet (KI). During the program the participating students will get the opportunity to shadow graduate students, learn about the different career possibilities in medical/biological sciences and the various study options at KI. The past year the program included lab shadows at KI, a visit to a research agency, research seminars, meeting students from various programs at KI and holding a poster presentation.

Voices from earlier participants:

What about the program did you like the most?

“To get to try researching for real, be being a scientist for a day. I really appreciated all the lab shadows, but the lectures were interesting as well.”

“The opportunity to get an insight in today´s research and the everyday life of a PhD student. To know what kind of choices I have in the future.”

“The group sessions where the speaker usually introduced a new aspect to biology or other fields of sciences which allow us to broaden our knowledge of the area.”

Program overview

The program will run from September to December 2016. The participating student will have the opportunity to  shadow three different graduate students and visit their laboratories during this time. In addition the whole group will meet once a month for science-themed sessions. The expected start date is in early September 2016.

Interested in joining Lin-KI?

► Are you a teacher who would like your school to participate? Notify your interest and you will receive more information of the application process.

► Are you a high school student who would like to participate? Notify your appropriate teacher and ask them to contact us.

► Are you a PhD student or a Postdoc and would like to mentor high school students, or get involved with the program some way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Organizing group

Contact person:

Kim Vestö, PhD student, KI

Kim Vestö.

Katrin Mangold, PhD student, KI

Karin Mangold.

Jens Karlsson, PhD student, KI

Jens Karlsson

Maria Garke, Psychology Student, KI 

Maria Garke

Sebastian Kull, Analyst, Synergus AB

Sebastian Kull

Doctoral studentPublic outreachStudent