Before arriving in Sweden, you need to review your insurance coverage. In order to be fully covered, all students are strongly advised to take out their own insurance for illness and accidents. Medical treatment is expensive without any form of health insurance.

Insurance during school hours

All students in Sweden, regardless of nationality, are covered by a personal injury insurance (the general student insurance), through the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). The insurance applies in Sweden during school hours and during travel to and from the location where school hours are spent.

Insurance during leisure time

Nordic and EU/EEA citizens

Students from EU/EEA countries should register with their social insurance office in their home country, in order to obtain the European Health Insurance card (EHIC). With the European Health Insurance card you are entitled to health care in Sweden on the same conditions as Swedish citizens.

If you are from Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland an ID document will suffice. In addition to health insurance, students are advised to take out insurance covering their personal belongings and a liability cover.

The European Health Insurance Card

Non-EU/EEA citizens

Sweden has reciprocal health care agreements with some countries (Algeria, Australia and the province of Quebec in Canada). Students from these countries are entitled to acute or essential treatment in Sweden on the same conditions as Swedish citizens. When seeking medical care you need to present your passport.

For the reciprocal agreement to apply, the need for medical care must arise during (not prior to) your stay in Sweden. If there is no such agreement between Sweden and your home country, you must pay the entire cost of the treatment yourself. Remember to take out health insurance, as well as insurance covering personal belongings and liability cover.

Students who have a valid residence permit of a duration of 12 months or longer can register in Sweden. When registered in Sweden you will be given a personal identity number as identification. This will entitle you to health care in Sweden on the same conditions as Swedish citizens. To register, you should visit the Tax Office in person. Bring your passport and any documents proving your civil status, birth certificates for any children who are moving with you, and your residence permit.

Health care within Stockholm County Council

Home insurance

In addition to a health insurance we strongly advise you to take out home insurance (hemförsäkring) for your stay in Stockholm. If anything is stolen from your student room or flat, or if any property is damaged or lost during your rental period, you are responsible for covering the repair or replacement costs.

If you have a residence permit for studies in Sweden for at least 12 months, you can register in Sweden and receive a Swedish personal identity number. With a Swedish personal identity number, you may take out home insurance through any Swedish insurance company.