Exchange Reports

Before leaving Karolinska Institutet all incoming exchange students are asked to submit a written report on their experiences and impressions of the exchange period. The report is an important source of information for future exchange.

Writing the Exchange Report

The exchange report is written and submitted online. If you approve, the report will be published on the website of Karolinska Institutet. If published online, you can choose whether you want to include your name and e-mail address in the report or not. However, the staff concerned at Karolinska Institutet will know who has written the report even though it will be invisible for the public.

On the link below you will find the exchange report form. Please follow the instructions. To log in, use the registration number you received when you applied for exchange studies. Use the e-mail address you stated in your application.

If you have forgotten the registration number, please click on "Forgot your registration number?" and the number will be sent to you automatically.

LOG IN to the exchange report form
Read more about how to write an exchange report

Win a Book

Each academic year, incoming exchange students have a chance to win a prize. Ten students will be rewarded with a book after submitting their exchange reports.

Published Exchange Reports

Read exchange reports written by incoming exchange students


For any questions or comments on the online exchange report, please contact the International Coordinator for your study programme.