Doctoral courses

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Karolinska Institutet offers many doctoral courses every semester. Courses are arranged as freestanding courses, within doctoral education programmes and within research schools. Freestanding courses and courses within the programmes are presented in the catalogue.

Karolinska Institute's courses on doctoral level are presented once per semester. The catalogue is published on around April 15 respectively October 15 and is open for application during one month. Application is made directly in the catalogue. After the application period the applicant can only be admitted according to availability. KI's courses are open for registered doctoral students at all universities and colleges. If space allows, other applicants may also be accepted.

Catalogue and syllabi are available on the Intranet.

All doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet are required to attain an educational target corresponding at at least 30 higher education credits for those working towards a doctoral degree or at least 15 university credits for those working towards a licentiate degree.

Doctoral education