First level and second level

Karolinska Institutet is entitled to issue the following degrees:

First cycle qualifications

General qualifications:

  • University Diploma
  • Degree of Bachelor

Professional qualifications

Second cycle qualifications

General qualifications:

  • Degree of Master (One Year)
  • Degree of Master (Two Years)

Professional qualifications

Application form for Degree Certificate, second cycle

Third cycle

Karolinska Institutet is entitled to issue the following degrees:

Third cycle qualifications

  • Degree of Licentiate
  • Degree of Doctor

Application form for Degree Certificate, third cycle

Degree certificate and Diploma Supplement

The degree certificate is a document that certifies that you have satisfied the requirements for a particular degree. The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English.

All degree certificates issued by Karolinska Institutet are automatically accompanied by a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is in English and is issued free of charge for the student. The Diploma Supplement describes the degree awarded and its place in the Swedish educational system. The purpose of the document is to facilitate recognition and accreditation of Swedish degrees when seeking employment or applying for further studies abroad and in Sweden.

Karolinska Institutet has determined that Diploma Supplement is not to be issued retroactively to student who graduated at first and second level before 1 January 2003 and for third level not to be issued retroactively to student who graduated before 1 July 2007.

Example of a Diploma Supplement and information on the Swedish Higher Education System

Copy of previous issued degree certificate

If you need a copy of the archive copy of a previous issued degree certificate, please contact Registry Office (Registrator). State your name, civic registration number or student identification number, name of the degree certificate and date of issue of the degree certificate.


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