Curriculum for career activities 2016 - fall semester

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Welcome to our career events for support, networking opportunities and advice in shaping your future - your career!

Some dates have not been set yet so keep an eye on the information and register as soon as the event is clicable. All our events are in English unless stated otherwise. 

Curious to see what events we arranged during the spring semester (2016) - look here. Are you lacking any activities or interested in arranging a career event yourself and would like our support - please contact us!

Career activity or event When? For whom?
Meet Career Service at the Int. Introduction Day  25 Aug. newly admitted
Planning your first postdoc 12 Sept. PhD students
Open house/Drop in in Solna 15 Sept. all
Basic CV skills in 30 minutes (Solna) 15 Sept. all
Open house/Drop in in Flemingsberg 16 Sept. all
Basic CV skills in 30 minutes (in Flemingsberg, in Swedish) 16 Sept. all
Company workshop - Competitor strategy analysis session with Deallus Consulting 20 Sept. postdocs, researchers
Unpacking International Study Experience into Career Success with Expertise in Labour Mobility  (in Flemingsberg) 21 Sept. all
Seminar in Solna with Expertise in Labour Mobility on the global job market  21 Sept. all
Workshop in Solna - Looking for Work around the Globe 22 Sept. PhD students, postdocs
Company presentation - HealthCap 26 Sept. all
Improve your networking skills with Andrew Hennigan 28 Sept. postdocs
Company mingle 4 Oct. all
BearingPoint on an alternative career for MDs (in Swedish) 5 Oct. MD students
Research and social media (Twitter)" - Ben Libberton 10 Oct. all
Application for PhD student course Career Skills for Scientists (Spring 2017) opens 15 Oct. PhD students
Career event with the University Hospital (in Swedish) 19 Oct.  Nursing students
Brick by brick - building your science career and community for success, with Gretchen Repasky 21 Oct. PhD students, postdocs
Getting your foot in the global health door through internships with alumna Caity Jackson 26 Oct.  students
With a PhD you can do anything! - with Sarah Blackford 9 Nov. PhD students, postdocs
Career planning for postdocs 11 Nov. postdocs
Careers Beyond Academia - Patent Attorney, in collaboration with CBA 15 Nov.  PhD students and postdocs
How will I get my dream job after graduation - with recruitment agency D-find 16 Nov.  all
Individual career coaching (one-to-one) 23-24 Nov. pilot
Meet Career Service at Late Night at the Library 24 Nov. all
How to succeed at a job interview with Anna Rennermalm 29 Nov. all
Lunch seminar and drop in on how to write a CV (Solna) 8 Dec. all
Preparing a US Postdoc Application 14 Dec. PhD students, researchers
Grant writing with Angelika Hofmann 15 Dec. postdocs, researchers
Grant writing workshop for postdocs part IV 16 Dec. postdocs, researchers