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Do you and your company or organization wish to introduce yourself to our students, PhD students and researchers in a seminar? Or perhaps offer an internship to an early career researcher?

Karolinska Institutet Career Service provides information about career opportunities through various activities like workshops and seminars. We also coordinate two different internship programmes.

Company presentations

You are most welcome to contact us to discuss how we could best collaborate. For example we could organize a career seminar according to your suggestions. Our students and researchers are curious about how their skills are best put to use in your company or organization and also more internaction with industry, authorities and other organisations. They are also interested in learning more about possible career paths outside academia.

Internship programmes for early career researchers

Our internship programmes aims at giving companies and organizations the opportunity to offer internships to an early career researcher from Karolinska Institutet for a period of 1-3 months. 

By participating in the internship programme the company or organization will have a chance to present its activities, get help with recruitment of internship candidates and also to establish contacts with Karolinska Institutet and its researchers.

In short, the company suggests a project plan for the period and presents it to Career Service. We announce the project and can make a first screening of candidates according to suggestions of the company. Thereafter the company chooses its candidate for the internship and a contract is set up. The candidate is employed by Karolinska Institutet during the internship period and fully financed by Karolinska Institutet for 1-2 months. If the company wishes to extend the internship with one month, we will charge the cost of the salary for that month (around 45 000 SEK).

Contact information:


Anethe Mansen

Phone: 08-524 863 76
Organizational unit: Student- och karriärservice


Kerstin Beckenius

Phone: 08-524 861 32
Organizational unit: Student- och karriärservice