Closing your student email account

Your email address will be closed within six months after you have finished studying at Karolinska Institutet. Take these steps to make sure you don't lose important data. This information will also be sent to your student email account when it is about to be closed down.

Make sure you have another email account two which you can forward any emails from your student email account.

Option 1

Go into your student email account and forward relevant emails to another email account.

Option 2/POP

Make an import of your student inbox (not possible for sub-folders) and your contacts to a new email account through the following steps to learn how to import your mail and contacts:

The server settings that you will need on this link are specified under Option 3 below.

Option 3/IMAP

Make a transfer of all folders of your student email account, as well as your contacts, to another email client using IMAP.

This requires that you have a mail client that supports IMAP protocol, such as Outlook or Mac Mail. Take the following steps:

  • Go to and change the password for your student email account. This must be done before you can use either option 2 or 3.
  • Read up on how to set up a new account in your email client, or use an existing one. Enter the server settings below.

Server settings

POP settings

Server name:

Port: 995

Encryption method: SSL

IMAP settings

Server name:

Port: 993

Encryption method: SSL

SMTP settings

Server name:

Port: 587

Encryption method: TLS

Username: Your student email username is your mail address

i.e. "given"

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