Careers in Life science - The next step 2.0

2016-05-0317:00 to 19:00 NEW VENUE Gustaf Retzius, BZ Berzelius väg 3Campus SolnaCareer Service

Together with the Biomedicine and Public health sections in the Student's Association (MF), Career Service is happy to invite you to a career storytelling event with global master's alumni

Take the opportunity and listen to inspiring stories and advice from global master’s alumni. Network and mingle with current and former students! Refreshments will be served. Welcome!

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Programme for the evening (pdf)

Alumni presenting at the event:

Bioentrepreneurship: Adeeb Tawseef (2015) Training and International Engagement Coordinator at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Adeeb Tawseef is a global master alumnus who can provide valuable extensive background in business and management. With origins in Bangladesh and Canada, Adeeb picked Karolinska Institutet for his master studies in Bio-entrepreneurship and graduated in 2015. The programme allowed him to develop valuable skills in areas such as project management, design thinking, health economics, and product development. Adeeb is currently the Training Coordinator at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. In between his studies, he lived in the Netherlands to be part of the FourMore Innovation, an organization aiming to make an impact in the European healthcare sector.  For his master’s thesis, Adeeb decided to focus onReal World Evidence which lead him to become an intern and master thesis trainee at the life sciences consulting company, Heron - Parexel International. This summer Adeeb will join Novo Nordisk A/S as a Graduate Trainee for their Global Development unit in Copenhagen. 

Biomedicine: Mira Ernkvist (2003) Country Medical Manager Lung Cancer, Roche AB

Upon completing her PhD studies in angiogenesis research at Karolinska Institutet 2003, Mira Ernkvist went on to work for the world-leading biotech company, Roche. For her PhD, Mira focused on oncology and has ever since pursued her passion for cancer research. With extensive experience, Mira has been very active in Roche. She started as a product specialist for GI-cancer. In 2010, Mira became the assistant product manager for Herceptin, the ” first targeted biological therapy to show a survival benefit in advanced stomach cancer”. Shortly thereafter, she advanced to become a product manager for skin cancer. In between maternity leave, Mira worked as product manager for breast cancer and after her second maternity leave, she worked product manager for lung cancer for a short while. She is currently working as the country medical manager for lung cancer at Roche, and in only one month, she will start to work as country medical lead for the lung portfolio and will have 3 direct reports.

Global Health:  Alessandro Pini (2013) EPIET* fellow at the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten)

Alessandro started his career with a medical degree from the University of Brescia where he was also granted a Diploma of Specialized Studies in Tropical Medicine. He worked clinically in Europe and in Western Africa where he was also enrolled in projects focused on HIV/AIDS and on severe malnutrition in children. In 2012 he joined the Master programme in Global Health at KI and after graduation worked in a pediatric hospital in Sierra Leone during the epidemic of  Ebola. Since September 2014 he has been based as EPIET (European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training) fellow where he  focused his activities in outbreak investigation

Health Informatics: Konstantinos Kalliamvakos (2013) Medical Informatics Specialist at Cambio Healthcare Systems

Konstantinos Kalliamvakos has a degree in Health Informatics and graduated from the program in 2013. Even though, he started his studies by obtaining a bachelor’s in Health Visiting by the Technological Educational Institute of Athens he decided to take a more technological path in his career. For this reason he enrolled to the Health Informatics Master's program at Karolinska Institutet which he finished in 2013. He now works for the Cambio Healthcare systems company as a Medical Informatics specialist, working mainly with clinical decision support, computerization of clinical practice guidelines, terminology systems and EHR semantic technologies.

Public Health Epidemiology:  Jiayao Lei (2015) PhD-student, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), C8

Prior to Jiayao’s arrival at KI and the Master's programme in Epidemiology, of which she graduated in 2015, she was a student at Sun Yat-Sen University (China) where she attained a Bachelor of medicine in Preventive Medicine.
During and between her studies, Jiayao has interned at the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as at several Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention in China.
Currently, Jiayao is pursuing a PhD degree at the department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB) focusing on cervical cancer prevention.

Public Health Health economics: Anne Leppänen (2014) PhD-student Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), C7

Anne Leppänen has a Master's Degree in Public Health Science with a specialization in Health Economics, Policy and Management and graduated from the program in 2014.
Anne is currently a doctoral student at Karolinska and has an extensive background in the field of Public Health Science. She decided to do her Bachelor's Degree with a specialization in Physical Activity and Health Promotion at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and then continued her studies in the public health sector with her master’s at Karolinska Institutet. Following her graduation she decided to stay in academia and pursue a doctoral degree on Tobacco Control and Tobacco Cessation.

Toxicology: Erika Witasp Henriksson  PhD (2004), Toxicologist  Unit of Proposals for Classification and Restriction Swedish Chemicals Agency

Graduating from the former Bachelor programme in Toxicology in 2004, Erika took the chance to do her PhD investigating the mechanisms and consequences of phagocytosis of apoptotic cells at the Institute of Environmental Medicine at KI. After a Post–doc on lung cancer metastasis in the US, she decided to come back to KI to work as a project manager in the European Nanommune Project investigating effects of nanoparticles on the immune system and fostering contact between nanotoxicology and technology. Since 2011 Erika has been working as a Toxicologist for the Swedish Chemicals Agency evaluating the health hazards of chemicals with a focus on cancer, mutagenicity and reproduction.

Contact person: Emma Hägg