Banking information

Due to strict regulations and national security aspects, opening a bank account in a foreign country can sometimes be a bit difficult.

However, some banks in Stockholm do offer international students to open a bank account and, depending on the length of your stay, also access to Internet banking and an ATM-card.

If you are staying for a shorter time, it is normally easier to use your bank account in your home country for fincancial matters. We strongly recommend you to bring a Visa/Mastercard to Sweden, as cards are widely used all over the country.

Below you will find compiled information from different banks in Sweden, who are able to help you open a bank account (listed in alphabetical order). Print out the PDF-sheet and bring it with you together with the required documents to the bank that you choose. Follow the instructions carefully!

Please note that we cannot assist you in opening a bank account, you would have to do it yourself.

Detailed banking information

General information from the Swedish Banker's Association
Handelsbanken Norrtull

Banks in Sweden

Larger banks in Sweden (in alphabetical order):