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The 12th European Oral Microbiology Workshop (EOMW), Stockholm, Sweden

2017-05-25 Skogshem & Wijk, Hustegavägen 1, LidingöOther
Campus Huddinge
Campus Huddinge. Foto: Anna Manfredsson Campus Huddinge, where the Department of Dental Medicine is situated. Photo: Anna Manfredsson 

Save the dates for the 12th EOMW, which will take place during 25–28 May 2017, at Lidingö island on the outskirts of Stockholm City, Sweden.

The EOMWs is held once every three years and is led each time by a European Dental Institute. The Department of Dental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet is happy to coordinate the 12th EOMW in May 2017.

The EOMW attracts a number of basic and clinical researchers, with special interest in oral and general microbiology. Both senior and junior scientists have the chance to participate and interact, propagating their knowledge and giving rise to new research ideas. Cutting edge research is discussed on the topics of oral ecology, etiology and pathogenesis of oral infectious diseases, microbiological methods, microbial diagnostics and antimicrobial therapies.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Stockholm EOMW in May 2017!


Conference Chair: George Belibasakis 

Conference Administrator: Giulia Grillo Mikrut 

More information will follow

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