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The Innovation Office at Karolinska Institutet is a unit within the university administration supporting the utilization of ideas and research in the field of medicine and health. The office provides information and inspirational activities, guidance and advice in issues relating to utilization of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and business interaction. We can help you to take your concepts, ideas or research results to the next step.

Knowledge and inspiration

The Innovation Office’s mission is to help and motivate researchers, students and clinicians to develop ideas or research results. The way we do this is by exposing good examples or by providing inspirational activities. This could be done through seminars, workshops, competitions or networking activities.


InnovatiOnsdag (Innovation Wednesday) is the Innovation Office’s recurring lunch seminar series on the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Over a light lunch you'll hear inspiring people talk about their entrepreneurial journey, learn about the Swedish life science industry or get tips on how to pitch your idea. The seminars run from 12-13 on Wednesdays (hence the name). No registration required but we have limited seating. Check out the calendar for upcoming seminars.

Your guide to innovation

The Innovation Office helps you to identify and get in touch with the right players or resources to get you further in the innovation process. Depending on your needs this might be in-depth consulting, business development, financing, IP or legal support. We can also assist you with contacts to relevant companies. The Innovation Office has developed an useful guide containing a number of key players and their services, see The Innovation Office Guidance Guide. You can browse this guide online or if you prefer assist then make an appointment for a meeting and we will help you. Note that the innovation landscape is changing constantly – new initiatives, organizations and programs are continuously added.

Innovation advice

The Innovation Office is a support function at KI. We provides you with advice and may act as a sounding board if you have an idea or research result that you would like to develop further. Our services are of course free. We focus on your needs as an innovator! 
The Innovation Office has experienced advisers with different backgrounds and skills from science, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. For example, we provide support in the following areas:

  • General advice on innovation development. Business intelligence, communication, innovative applications, corporate partnerships, negotiation and contractual issues.
  • Support in patent and intellectual property issues. E.g. various strategies to protect your invention. 
  • To find funding opportunities. We may also support you in grant applications when it comes to innovation strategies, business collaboration etc.

When you set up a meeting with us we want you to present your idea. We will discuss the product or service, who the customers are and how to commercialize or utilize the idea. We do not expect you to have answers to all these questions, but give them a thought before the meeting. For a more detailed description of what an innovation advice session could obtain, read more on the Science and business advice.

Corporate alliances

Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s leading medical universities. Transforming research results into practices and treatments benefitting society is a key strategic objective for KI. KI therefore welcomes collaboration between researchers and corporate partners. The Innovation Office is your contact interface at KI and your companion throughout the collaboration process. We support various forms of collaborations, from strategic alliances to specific projects. In becoming your speaking partner at KI our aim is to build long-term relationships and networks.

  • We put you in contact with relevant research groups
  • KI has research groups in a large variety of scientific disciplines. We can find researchers to match your specific needs. We can also assist you in identifying research platforms.
  • We are your partner in establishing research collaborations
  • We can arrange meetings, coordinate and keep the process moving forward in the interest of both parties.
  • We participate in formalizing collaborations
  • We can support you in the process of creating a formalized agreement.
  • We provide alliance management in the collaboration project
  • We can act as a liaison function and support governance, communication and follow-up.
  • We build long-term relationships and networks

Learn more about various offers for business interaction at KI on the pages about corporate collaboration.

The Innovation Office - a government mandate

The mandate of higher education institutions shall include third stream activities and the provision of information about their activities, as well as ensuring that benefit is derived from their research findings.

The quote comes from the Swedish Higher Education Act (Högskolelagen 1992:1434) and promotes that innovation issues should permeate both teaching and research. In 2009 the Ministry of Education gave the Karolinska Institutet the task of setting up an innovation office.

According to the mandate the Innovation Office role should be to inspire, inform and stimulate researchers to innovate and thereby turn university-generated ideas and results turn into utilization. All in the benefit of society.

The Innovation Office at Karolinska Institutet started its operations on November 1, 2010. The office is mainly focused on the area of medicine and health. Our main target groups are students, researchers, clinicians and companies. Today the Innovation Office is funded by both the Ministry of Education and the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Innovation Office employees

Acting Head Innovation Office and Responsible Corporate Relations

Richard Cowburn

Telefon: +46 8 524 864 78
Mobil: +46 73 071 52 81

Innovation Advisor

Johan Arnell

Telefon: +46 8 524865 80
Mobil: +46 70 325 65 80

Innovation Advisor

Tor Regberg

Telefon: +46 8 524 873 17
Mobil: +46 70 658 73 17

EIT Health

Inger Lundqvist

Telefon: +46 8 524 864 31
Mobil: +46 70 528 64 31

Project Manager

Charlotta Lindquist

Telefon: +46 8 524 87 170
Mobil: +46 722 50 47 00

IP Advisor

Sofia Nikolopoulou

Mobil: +46 70 425 04 75

Senior Advisor

Bo-Ragnar Tolf

Telefon: +46 8 524 869 91
Mobil: +46 72 253 27 58

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