Donate your body for medical research

Anyone who wants to donate his entire body to medical and anatomical educational needs during his lifetime writing a contract.

In the agreement, the donor and recipient agree on what should apply, for example, when it comes to ceremonies (ecclesiastical, civil or without ceremony), data on relatives, burial or memorial, etc. Department replaces a fixed amount costs associated with the funeral. No costs are reimbursed in advance.
If you want to donate your body to the Karolinska Institute medical and anatomical instruction, please contact:


Stefan Plantman

Phone: +46 8 524 866 51
Visiting address: Forskargruppen Risling
Institutionen för neurovetenskap (Neuro), C4

Anyone who intends to donate the entire body can still choose to say yes to donation for transplantation purposes.
It is possible to donate brain research but not for transplantation. At the Karolinska Institute conducted research on the brain and its diseases. Brain donation is not included in the concept of "other medical purpose ', but require specific and written consent from each patient during his lifetime.