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The Department of Neuroradiology is a attached to Karolinska University Hospital. Activity at the clinic consists of diagnostic investigations but also of treatments for diseases and injuries of the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord and surrounding bones, skull and back.

In modern neuroradiology is used almost exclusively CT scan and MRI equipment to diagnose. A more traditional X-ray technology, but of a very advanced type (angiography) is used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord. The angiographic examinations and treatments, and a small part of conventional radiography of the skull and spine, occurs at the neuroradiological department.

Department of Neuroradiology works in close collaboration with the Karolinska Institute where most of the active research and development takes place.

Studies have been conducted at other hospitals in the county but also further away, both within and outside Sweden.

Digital Imaging

Radiographs are now being handled digitally which is why the images can be quickly and easily sent to the radiology departments at Karolinska University Hospital or to other hospitals in Sweden. Referral and statement processing is also done digitally.

Research group

At the clinic we conduct active and prominent research in survey methods but particularly in diseases that can be detected or treated by neuro-imaging techniques.


At the neuroradiological department there are two cameras for computed tomography and five magnetic cameras. Two laboratories for cerebral angiographic examinations and treatments are also available here. Close to the department there is a positron camera - PET - operated jointly with the neurophysiological and the psychiatric clinic. It is mainly used for research.

Research Projects

  • Development of neuroradiological methods to reveal and treat neurological diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases in the brain and spinal cord

Selected Publications

[Pediatricians know too little about child abuse. Taking care of shortages in education is a difficult task].
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A longitudinal observational study of brain atrophy rate reflecting four decades of multiple sclerosis: a comparison of serial 1D, 2D, and volumetric measurements from MRI images.
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Group members

Anders LiljaAssociated
Anki Sandberg NordqvistAssociated
Annika KitsGraduate Student
Babic DrazenkoAssociated
Dan GreitzAssociated
Daniel Martin MunozGraduate Student
Emma JussingGraduate Student
Erik SaménAssociated, Postdoc
Fabian ArnbergPostdoc, klin
Håkan AlmqvistGraduate Student
Johan LundbergAssociated
Johanna DoshéAssociated
Li LuAssociated
Michael SödermanAssociated
Mikael MosskinAssociated
Mikael SandellResearch engineer
Nasren JaffAssistant professor
Olof FlodmarkAssociated, Professor, senior
Patrik RingGraduate Student
Per GraneAssociated
Peter DambergAssociated
Petra BrinkestålAssociated
Philip LittlePhD student, Graduate Student
Rikard GrankvistPhD student
Sahar Nikkhou AskiAssociated
Sandra KraftResearch engineer
Sharon Stone-ElanderAssociated
Staffan HolminResearch team leader, Professor/senior physician
Tetyana TegnebrattAssociated
Thomas KucinskiAssociated
Thuy TranAssociated
Tommy AnderssonAssociated
Åsa Kuntze SöderqvistGraduate Student

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