Education at CLINTEC

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Teaching at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC) is provided in the form of bachelor/first level, master/second level and doctoral/third level education at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge. The units at CLINTEC are linked to Karolinska Institutet's different programme committees for the medical, dentistry, audiology, radiology and speech and language pathology programmes.

Bachelor/first level and master/second level education

Apart from first and second level medical programmes and the training of speech therapists, radiology nurses and audiologists, the units are involved in areas of training such as midwifery and dentistry. A number of elective and single-subject courses are also held at CLINTEC.

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Doctoral/third level education

CLINTEC has an excellent level of activity in this respect, with some 210 registered PhD or Licentiate students. We examine and admit approximately eight to ten students each year in 11 different postgraduate fields. Most of our doctoral students have one of CLINTEC's partner clinics as their employer.

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New graduate student

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