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Supporting research and education towards innovation in health care via promotion and implementation of sex and gender analysis.

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Datum Nyheter Taggar
31 Jul 2015 The lesson from Norway: a success case in gender medicine and academia Gender, Gender medicine
29 Jul 2015 New treatment principle for tuberculosis activates the body's own defence system Bacteria, Infectious Disease Medicine, Publication
18 Jun 2015 CfGM Integrating gender/sex analysis in research for H2020 funding Funding, Gender, Gender medicine, Grant
11 Jun 2015 NIH Mandates Researchers to Consider Sex and Gender as a Biological Variable in Grant Applications Funding, Gender, Gender medicine, Grant
28 May 2015 Gender, Health and Rights: How we innovated a Stanford’s MOOC in Sweden Gender, Gender medicine, Global Health, Human rights

Stories on Men's Health

In the European region as a whole in 2011, average life expectancy at birth was 72 for men and 79 for women, a difference of 7 years.Of particular concern is the high level of premature mortality among men. There were 630,000 deaths among men of working age (15-64) in 2007 across Europe. By comparison, there were 300,000 deaths in women of working age (The European men’s health forum 2013).

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