Research groups and research areas

The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition performs research in areas of medical science including cancer biology, stem cell biology, functional genomics, systems biology, epigenetics, structural biochemistry, molecular endocrinology, cellular virology, and nutrition.


Research Group Leaders A-Z


Group Leader Research Group & Project
Lauri Aaltonen Research TBA
Emma Andersson Research TBA
Karin Dahlman-Wright ESR - estrogen signaling research group
Patrick Cramer Genome regulation
Carsten Daub Clinical transcriptomics
Karl Ekwall Epigenetics, chromatin remodelling and cancer
Maria Eriksson Searching for genetic mechanisms that affect aging
Henrik Garoff Activation of HIV-1 and murine leukemia virus
Jan-Åke Gustafsson Nuclear receptors in health and disease
Hans Hebert Cryo electron microscopy of membrane
proteins and biomolecular assemblies
Luca Jovine Structural studies of egg-sperm interaction
and human hedgehog signaling proteins
Maria Kasper Stem cell dynamics in skin - from homeostasis to cancer
Pekka Katajisto Research TBA
Juha Kere Molecular genetics and biology of complex diseases
Marie Löf Early-life factors important for childhood obesity:
observational and interventional studies
Lennart Möller Analytical toxicology and clinical applications
Lennart Nilsson Simulating the behavior of proteins and nucleic acids
Sam Okret Effects of glucocorticoids and estrogens on cells
and functions of the immune system
Joseph Rafter Host-microbe interactions
Roger Strömberg Nucleic acids and peptides in biotechnology and therapy
Staffan Strömblad Cell biology of cancer
Peter Swoboda From the basic biology of cilia to ciliopathy
disease states in humans
Jussi Taipale Systems biology group
Rune Toftgård Hedgehog signalling, tissue stem cells
and cancer development
Eckardt Treuter Epigenomic control of metaflammation by
nuclear receptor-coregulator pathways
Peter Zaphiropoulos Dissecting Hedgehog Signaling - role of RNA-based mechanisms
Gene regulationGenomicsNutritionSignal transductionStructural BiologyToxicologyVirology