Primo micropatterning device by Alveole

2016-11-0809:30 to 13:00 Karolinska Institutet, Dept. of Biosciences & Nutrition, RED seminar room, Novum Elevator E floor 6.Campus HuddingeLive Cell Imaging Unit (LCI)

The Primo micropatterning device by Alveole. Cool addition to a wide field system. It will allow you to print your favourite protein on a Petri dish or a multi well plate. You can design the pattern you want (down to 1 um resolution!), print up to 3 proteins either in distinct or overlapping patterns, you can even print on the walls of the wells and all you need is a jpeg image of your pattern! Then you seed your favourite cells and study how they interact with the printed protein. The system is going to be at our facility for 2 months so you will have time to actually run real experiments. Here is what you can do:

       - Have a look at this video, this one or this webinar
     -  Come to the seminar on the 2016.11.08 at 9:30. The seminar will be held in the red seminar room. Look at our website how to find us. Once in the Novum building take the F lift to the 6th floor. The glass door to Bionut will be open 5 min before the seminar. For those of you who cannot come physically, we will broadcast the seminar live and you can join without registration by clicking on the link that will be upload on our website shortly before the seminar.
       - We will have a few trained super users who will be able to train others. If you want to try and pattern your own protein, please contact Mehmet Deniz Akyuz directly (mehmet@alveolelab.com).

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