Lectures and seminars

New group leaders at BIONUT give seminars

2015-12-1611:00 to 13:00 Karolinska Institutet, Novum, Lecture Hall floor 4, HuddingeCampus Huddinge
BioNut new group leaders

Seminars held by new BioNut group leaders

Welcome to seminar with new group leaders (autumn 2015) at BioNut, Wednesday 16/12!

11:00-11:20 Dr. Andreas Lennartsson
"Epigenetic regulation of acute myeloid leukemia”

11:30-11:50 Dr. Victoria Menendez-Benito
“Protein inheritance in asymmetric cell division”

12:00-12:30 Prof. Martin Bergö
“Antioxidant supplementation increases melanoma metastasis in mice”


Lunch sandwich will be served to those who sign up to marie.franzen@ki.se no later than Friday 11/12!

Contact person: Karl Ekwall