Skandia's Lennart Levi Prize

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The Skandia Lennart Levi Prize was founded in 2010 to mark Lennart Levi's 80th birthday and will be awarded annually for a period of five years. Candidates must be internationally outstanding researchers active in Sweden or elsewhere. Prize winners are selected by a panel comprising professors from Karolinska Institutet. The prize of SEK 100,000 is awarded at Karolinska Institutet's installation ceremony.

Prize winner 2013 - Miia Kivipelto

Miia Kivipelto receives the prize for her research into dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, which has indentified several treatable risk factors and thus provided a more optimistic outlook for the prevention and treatment of these diseases. 

Professor Kivipelto has demonstrated that high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, overweight, a lack of exercise, and a high intake of saturated fats and alcohol are factors that increase the risk of dementia.

Professor Kivipelto's research group examines how environment and heredity interact to impair memory. She is in charge of several epidemiological and clinical projects and is engaged in collaborative projects with colleagues in Sweden and Finland. She initiated the Nordic Brain Network cooperation forum, which has helped to increase the resources available to the research field and improved the exchange of information on the ageing brain and related disorders.

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Previous prize winners

Prize winner 2012 - Thomas Helleday

Thomas Helleday was the first to scientifically demonstrate the concept called "synthetic lethality" for treating cancer. He proved that PARP inhibitors can selectively kill certain cancer cells without damaging surrounding healthy cells, which was a major breakthrough for the clinical treatment of mutated breast and ovarian cancers. Synthetic lethality can also be used to devise strategies to attack cancer.

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Prize winner 2011 - Jesper Lagergren

Jesper Lagergren, Professor at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery was awarded the prize in recognition of his research into oesophageal cancer. As a surgeon and epidemiological researcher, Professor Lagergren has made an exceptional contribution to medical science's understanding of oesophageal cancer. This knowledge has enabled better prophylaxis, diagnostics and early treatment and thus helped to improve healthcare provision and reduce patient suffering

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Prize winner 2010 - Lars Alfredsson

Lars Alfredsson, Professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine of Karolinska Institutet received the prize for his contribution to promoting human health, through high-quality research on the causes of disease and ill-health and through his inspirational training.

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