Management of Karolinska Institutet

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The operational leadership of Karolinska Institutet consists of the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and the University Director.


Anders Hamsten is the Vice-Chancellor of Karolinska Institutet since January 2013.

The Vice-Chancellor is KI's Director General and has overall responsibility for the entire university, which is to say for its education, research and information activities as well as for its administration.

The Vice-Chancellor takes the decisions, in the presence of the University Director, that do not fall to the University Board, the educational boards or any other body appointed by the Board. 

Anders Hamsten is Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases since 1999.


Vice-Chancellor's secretary

Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor

Amélie Theorell

Telefon: 08-524 867 64
Adress: Karolinska Institutet,
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Nobels väg 6, KI Campus Solna


Kerstin Tham is Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet since January 2013.

Kerstin Tham is Professor of Occupational Therapy at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society since 2009.




Pro-Vice-Chancellor's Secretary

Secretary to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Anette Stålbalk

Telefon: 08-524 864 82
Enhet: Avd. för lednings- och forskningsstöd

University Director

Per Bengtsson is the University Director since January 2014.

The Vice-Chancellor has delegated to the University Director overall responsibility for KI as regards administrative, legal and economic matters. 
The University Director is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and is the rapporteur for the university board. 



University Director's secretary

Assistent University Director

Marie Tell is the Assistent University Director since 2007.






Press contact management


Claes Keisu

Telefon: 08-524 838 92
Enhet: Kommunikationsavdelningen