Collaboration with schools

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If the future development of healthcare is to be safeguarded, there has to be a rich input of gifted students of diverse backgrounds into medicine at a higher education level. To this end, KI collaborates with schools and colleges to encourage students into further education and research in the sciences in general and in KI's specialist fields in particular.

Katrineholms Tekniska College

The science program at Katrineholms Tekniska Collage (KTC) is planned jointly between Karolinska Institutet and a team of teachers of biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry - but also computer science, language and history. KI professors also hold lectures at KTC on the frontiers of knowledge in brain research, diabetes, obesity, microbiology, intestinal flora, pharmacology and/or genetics.

Ingemar Ernberg, Professor MTC, Samordnare KI-Katrineholms Tekniska College:
Lena Lutovsky, Katrineholms Tekniska College,

Three school collaborations

Karolinska Institutet collaborates mainly with three upper secondary schools in the greater Stockholm area.

KI and Huddinge Upper Secondary

Since 2001, Karolinska Institutet and Huddinge Upper Secondary have been working together on a broad-based initiative to encourage students into higher education and stimulate their interest in science and medicine.

Through a number of activities, students of the school come into contact with Karolinska Institutet and thus familiarise themselves with the academic world while finding out about current medical and scientific research; their knowledge of KI's broad prospectus really boosts their interest in going on to higher education and improves their opportunities to do so. The partnership covers all programmes at the school and, as it has progressed, has also started to target lower secondary schools in Huddinge.

Lennart Emtestam, professor, Karolinska Institutet:
Per-Erik Marklund, biträdande rektor på Huddingegymnasiet:

KI and Solna Upper Secondary

KI has been collaborating with Solna Upper Secondary since the autumn of 2002. The school has a specially designed science programme with a medical orientation. Each term, the students taking this option take part in some related activity, such as a study visit, lectures or an experiment, at KI. Some students are also given the opportunity to write up their projects under the supervision of a postgraduate student.

Study guidance at KI: 

KI and Ross Tensta Upper Secondary

The aim of the partnership between KI and Ross Tensta Upper Secondary is to come into early contact with students from environments lacking a tradition of higher education (often with immigrant backgrounds) and give them encouragement and self-confidence so that they might develop an interest in entering higher education and research in the sciences in general and in KI's specialist fields in particular.

Study guidance at KI: